Spending a lot of time in the garden because of the lockdown, I find myself looking skywards through the trees.

Here is the Oak tree that we have an the bottom of our garden.

We are fortunate to have a good sized garden, but any town garden is going to feel limited by the fences that restrict our views to the wider landscape. But looking up through the trees makes us feel part of the world; the passing clouds are only ours while they are directly above - they move on for for others to view.

The passing clouds seen through our sycamore tree

We have several trees but the 2 that dominate our garden are the Oak tree which is probably more than 100 years old, and a sycamore that is near by. These trees schedule their leaf growth and leaf drop at different times.

The Oak is tall and has a very large trunk

The girth (circumference) of the trunk of the tree is 3 metres near to the ground. This is a listed[^1] tree.

The oak and the sycamore reaching out to each other

Through the branches of the budding sycamore

^1]: This means that this ancient oak is listed as a national treasure and cannot be felled or trimmed without permission.