So this self isolating is rather frustrating, I’m sure you will agree. But here’s the thing; if you are cooped up inside your own house maybe there are some details that you never really noticed. Maybe you just take for granted the corners here and there that might make an interesting picture.

When you are indoors, you hopefully will get the light coming in through your windows. The refections and shapes are changing through the day. Sometimes the light strikes something and you were just there at the right time.

Light reflected back from the chrome pipes.

Around the house there are places that only the plumber may be familiar with.

Under the kitchen sink

If you are fortunate enough to own a macro lens then you can get really close and see things like you are the house cat.

Close up of a carpet

When you get really close up it can be difficult to identify what is in the picture.

Apple with stalk

Maybe eventually we will be free to open the door and go and meet with our friends.

Through this door is the outside world

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