Walking around the town, I find myself looking down. Often this is because I need to tread carefully on the uneven pavements and kerbs, but often it is because I am noticing the rich variety of textures and shades.

In my city we have a lot of cobbled streets and so recently I took this photo. Simple. Just point the camera (phone actually) down and here it is.

Cobble stones in Oxford

I am wondering where cobblestones actually come from. Clearly, these stones are smoothed by the action of the water – probably the sea, and so, could it be that these stones (laid some 150 years ago) were taken from the Dorset coast (the nearest sea to Oxford). Could it be, that stones were collected from Chesil beach?

Cobble stones in Radcliffe Square, Oxford

Here is a fabulous photo by Mark Murphy of shingle on Chesil beach.

Mark.murphy - shingle on Chesil beach](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/5e/Shingle_on_Chesil_Beach_at_Chesil_Cove.jpg/2048px-Shingle_on_Chesil_Beach_at_Chesil_Cove.jpg “Mark.murphy - shingle on Chesil beach](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/5e/Shingle_on_Chesil_Beach_at_Chesil_Cove.jpg/2048px-Shingle_on_Chesil_Beach_at_Chesil_Cove.jpg)”)


You may have seen the film On Chesil Beach or possible read the book by Ian McEwan of the same name. Guess where this was filmed.

Poster of the film with Saoirse Ronan

Here comes the photo seen in the headline above. This one was taken near Lyme Regis - very near to Chesil Beach.

wet shingle