I’m standing at the bus stop and I see an interesting pattern on the ground. I am mesmerised. Out comes the phone. I take a picture.

Here is is.

Oil spill in the road

I know that this is a fuel spillage, maybe from a bus (it is a bus stop after all). But why does it make these beautiful colours? Before I posted this I googled. This is research. I mean take a picture but do some research.

Here is what I found.

Why Does Gasoline Look So Colorful On The Ground?

This web site explains that:

Gasoline that is spilled on the ground creates a thin and spread out display of fun colors in the light. The combination of oil and water that makes up the gasoline separates into layers, and the oil layer reflects the light. The light frequency and the thickness of the oil in different parts of the spill are what creates the different colors.