I can’t handle it anymore! Too many locations to post and so I have decided to bite the bullet - grasp the nettle and post all blog items here to chrisjennings.net. It makes sense ‘cos that’s who I am, and even though I have several irons in my fire, I need to keep it all together. Yes, all - photos, artwork, archive, design work, teaching work, whatever. Maintaining all of these web sites has become too much.

The details

OK, so I’ll keep publisha.github.io (now changed to www.publisha.org) for the long form articles about eBook, InDesign and web work, but one off blog posts will be here. A dolly mixture of posts about HTML, My boat, travels, activities and so on.

All these channels are too much for any human.

Isn’t it even too much to deal with these channels - YouTube.Facebook.Flickr.Twitter - but let’s keep those, but just have one web site (almost!).

So here is the plan

pagetoscreen.net will be retired, so I won’t link to it here. I have the domain publisha.org, so plan to move the github pages site to there (done it now). I will stop using that site as a blog and just do those kinds of posts here.

Should I republish some posts. Yes, probably, so things stay together (that’s the idea). I ahve already moved a few posts here and edited them.

Social media

I am sure that this a common conundrum: where do you post up your stuff - Medium, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Flickr or just your blog - or all of them. Here are some thoughts on this.


So there it is. You will find everything through here: chrisjennings.net - my blog, my pubishing knowldge base (publisha.org) and my boat now at (chrisjennings.net/perspectief). You can find photos and some pages linked to my Flickr lists.

Next job - organising my YouTube channels.