As we cruise up and down the Thames, we are struck by the variety of scenes that drift past; marking the boundary between the water and the land.

Some banks of the Thames are well manicured whereas some are wild and untamed. The Thames is navigable and we expect to find places to moor for the night or even for a daytime rest. Quite often we need to grab the bank and use our mooring spikes to tie up. This procedure can often be difficult especially when going solo. You can see from the following photograph, how I achieve security before jumping off to hammer in the spikes.

This gardening tool lets me grab the bank and hold on securely.

Upstream and downstream

The convention for describing the two opposite banks of the river are as follows:

When proceeding upstream:

  • the right bank is on your left (port)
  • the left bank is on your right (starboard)

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