On a very blustery day, we took friends Benno, Birgit and Maria for trip downstream to Nuneham. From Oxford to Nuneham was a popular excursion in Victorian times.

A picnic to Nuneham, a family in a boat in a sluice gate, Oxford 1882

Photo by Benno.The house on Rose Island at Kennington.

Photo by Henry Taunt. The Swan Inn on Rose Island, Oxfordshire, 1885

The title of this post requires an explanation. Air Draft has nothing to do with the wind on this day, which did indeed make steering into locks a little bit risky. Air Draft refers to the distance from the surface of the water to the highest point on the vessel. As you will have seen from the previous post, Perspectief can navigate under Osney Bridge (headway 2.8metres) but only after removing the windscreen and the upper helm. All of the heights of the bridges on the Thames are specified on maps and guides and so, one can know if the bridges can be passed successfully.

Folly Bridge in Oxford has a headway of 3.12 metres and we can navigate this but the skipper needs to duck!

Thanks for shot Benno!

We found a good mooring place for lunch.

Skipper with Birgit and Daniela on the rear deck

Beer and Bagels

Benno and Daniela