1432 Gonzalo Cabral (Portugal) discovered the Azores
1480 Expedition from Bristol to find the Island of Brazil
Cristoforo Buondelmonti 'The Book of the Islands of the Archipelago' 1490
Christopher Columbus 'discovers' West Indies
Christopher Columbus
1501 Joao de Nova (Portugal) discovered Ascension Island
Juan de Bermudez (Spain) discovered Bermuda 1503 Joao de Nova (Portugal) discovered St Helena
Discovery of Tristan da Cunha 1506
1513 Vasco Balboa discovered Pacific Ocean (by crossing at Panama)
1516 Thomas More: 'Utopia' in Latin
First Voyage Around the World - Magellan 1522 Antonio Pigafetta published account of Magellan's Voyage
1551 Thomas More: 'Utopia' translated into English
Richard Eden's translation of:
"The Decades of the Newe Worlde"
1555 included a translation into English of Pigafetta's "Voyage"
Birth of Shakespeare 1564
Juan Fernandez
1574 Discovery of the Juan Fernandez Islands
Raleigh's attempt to colonise Virginia 1585
Defeat of Spanish Armada 1588
Raleigh's Expedition to to Guiana 1595 The search for 'El Dorado'
1601 Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night'
1609 The wreck of the 'Sea Venture' on Bermuda
Sylvester Jourdain: 'A Discovery of the Barmudas otherwise Called the Ile of Divels', Richard Rich :'Newes from Virginia: The Lost Flock Triumphant' 1610
Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'
William Strachey a survivor of the Bermuda wreck wrote "A True Reportory of the Wracke..." finally published in 1625
John Rolfe, a survivor of the Bermuda shipwreck marries Pocahontas
Death of Shakespeare 1616 Pocahontas visits England
1668 Henry Neville: 'The Isle of Pines' published
Sharp and Ringrose leave 'Will' a Miskito Indian at Juan Fernandez 1680
Spanish book full of sea charts and maps taken by Sharp
Island in the Atlantic (probably one of the Falklands) named 'Samuel Pepys' 1684 Exquemelin: 'Buccaneers of America' 2nd edition published to include account of Bartholomew Sharp's voyage
William Dampier at Juan Fernandez - rescues 'Will' the Miskito Indian


Basil Ringrose : 'Buccaneers of America' 2nd volume with account of Bartholomew Sharp's and other voyages
William Dampier returns to England with native of Island of Gilolo 1691 Thomas Hyde: : 'An Account of the Famous Prince Giolo' published
1697 William Dampier : 'A New Voyage Round the World' published with maps by Herman Moll
William Dampier
William Dampier survives shipreck on Ascension Island 1701
Alexander Selkirk maroons himself on Juan Fernandez 1704
Selkirk rescued by Rogers, Dampier & Cook 1709
Edward Cook: 'A Voyage in the South Sea and Round the World' published 1712 Woodes Rogers: 'A Cruising Voyage Around the World' published
George Shelvocke and crew of 'The Speedwell' marooned on Juan Fernandez 1719 Daniel Defoe: 'Robinson Crusoe' published
Herman Moll: New and Correct Map of the Whole World published
Daniel Defoe
Jacob Roggeveen discovrs Easter Island 1722
1726 George Shelvocke: 'A Voyage Round the World by Way of the Great South Sea' published
Jonathan Swift: 'Gulliver's Travels' published
1727 Peter Longueville: 'The English Hermit' published
'Centurion' at Juan Fernandez Island
Anson in 'The Centurion' on Juan Fernandez 1741
Pitcairn Island Discovered 1767
'Bounty' mutineers land on Pitcairn Island 1790
1797 Samuel Taylor Coleridge: 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Robert Jeffery marooned on Sombrero Island 1807
Richard Henry Dana visited Juan Fernandez on board the 'Pilgrim' 1839
Richard Henry Dana: 'Two years Before the Mast' published
1847 James Fenimore Cooper, 'The Crater'
Herman Melville
1850 Edgar Allan Poe:The Narrative Of Arthur Gordon Pym Of Nantucket' published
1856 Herman Melville's 'The Encantadas, or Enchanted Isles' Published
Jules Verne
Wreck of The "Wildwave" on Oeno Island and marooning on Pitcairn Island 1858
1875 Jules Verne: L'Île mystérieuse (The Mysterious Island) Published in 3 volumes
Robert Louis Stevenson
1883 Robert Louis Stevenson: 'Treasure Island' published
Joshua Slocum in 'The Spray' at Juan Fernandez 1896
Joshua Slocum
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