The Islands of Juan Fernandez

The Island of Juand Fernandes

About Juan Fernandez
Juan Fernandez is actually an Archipelago located some 600 kilometers from the Chilean mainland in the Pacific Ocean. The main island sometimes referred to as Juan Fernadez was called Mas a Tierra but has now been renamed (in 1966, by the Chilean government) Robinson Crusoe Island.

Another Island in the group once called Mas a Feura has been renamed Alejandro Selkirk.

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Cumberland Bay
on the Island of Juan Fernandez

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A visit to Juan Fernandez with a lot of history of the island
Juan Pablo Berlinger's site about the Juan Fernandez Islands - some good photographs


Some visitors accounts:  
An account of Juan Fernandez was given by Basil Ringrose in his journal published in Oliver Esquemeling's 'Buccaneers of America' published in 1685. William Dampier published his "A New Voyage Round the World" in 1697. His account of voyaging between 1679 and 1691 included a section about the Juan Fernadez Islands. Juan Fernandez was visited by Captain Woodes Rogers in 1709 during his voyage around the world.
In 1741 George Anson, later Lord Anson stayed at Juan Fernandez with his ship 'Centurion' during his Voyage Round the World

Richard Henry Dana visited Juan Fernandez on board the 'Pilgrim' and wrote about it in 'Two years Before the Mast' published in 1840.

Captain Joshua Slocum visited Juan Fernandez in 1896 during his lone voyage in the Spray.
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