These drawings were a direct development from the Turning Pieces, wall pieces. Shapes are chosen and then rotated to different positions in the drawing.

As a sculptor I have always been interested in the idea that my work should have some potential for change.

This work can be thought of as kinetic, but that does not necessarily mean sculpture in motion. Often the work is static but can be moved, folded, turned or changed in some way. The agent for this change can be the viewer and in this case the work requires an interactive response. There is an involvement in the mechanics of the work and part of my intent has been to solve the problems of this interaction. Recently I have developed sculpture which is finely balanced and is shifted and changed by the slightest air movement; even when static this work shows the potential it has for other configurations.

In studying configurations and movement in space I have become increasingly involved in the use of computers. Structures “built” by computer drawing can be programmed to go through a process of change, and these sequences of transformations can be viewed, or made “real”. I have written and developed a software program that deals with space/time/movement. I use the computer as a tool in the development of my work.

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