Three Segments was a kinetic sculpture built for the John Radcliffe Hospital in 1987-88. The sculpture was positioned on the roundabout adjacent to the entrances to the main hospital and the maternity hospital.

The sculpture consists of 3 segments made of aluminium mast section. 2 sides are straight and the third side curved from the same section. The section (used in yachts) had a slot fro the sails.

The segments are set to rotate about the 3 steel cables which are fixed in concrete blocks at ground level and at the top of a mast 12 metres high.

In the first installation the polyester sails were of a solid material. This was found to be too wind resistant with the movement of the sculpture being too violent. In the second version the sails were made from some solid and some mesh and although this was better, some time later when the sails were replaced we used more mesh material than solid.

The sculpture was removed in 2019 to make way for a building on the roundabout.

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