Perspectief is currently out of the water on the marina trailer and ready for some underwater maintenance. This is also an opportunity to check out the stern gear (rudder, propellor) and anodes.

Every couple of years any boat needs to come out of the water to have the bottom cleaned and new anti-foul1 paint applied.

For Perspectief there is also an opportunity to clean up the speed log paddle wheel that has been not be working for several months. In fact, I also have been working on a solution for this issue (more on this to follow).

Marina Conundrum

Showing the step in the keel

Perspectief draws 0.9metre and has a step in the keel about 2metres from the bow. There was a worry that the trailer would not be able to get under the boat unless the river was above the normal Summer level. There was a chance that we could not get Perspectief out using the trailer method and an expensive crane would be required as an alternative.

However, all was well, and as you can see Perspectief came out without much bother at all.

Ready for the cleanup

Two Coats is enough

Once the power washer has done the job on the underside of the hull, some sanding around the water line was needed (there is always a ring of hardened calcium here). Anti Foul paint can be applied with a roller, but doing this job under the boat (scrabbling about in the dirt) it gets uncomfortable! You don’t want to get the paint on your hair and that’s why I always wear a disposable shower cap.

A fool in a shower cap

Two coats of Hempel ant-foul paint

Shine that bronze

The propellor does get grimy over the seasons so a liberal application of propellor cleaner and some steel wool brings that up a treat. See the before and after pictures here.

Before and after