Of course we have been here before, but on this trip the weather was very hot and in spite of lashings of sun cream the skipper got a little sun burnt.

What a relief it was to go for a swim at the end of the day!

Locking though during lockdown

No lock keepers were on hand to help us through at Iffley, Sandford (although this was lunchtime), Abingdon, or Culham. We were delighted to see the lock keeper at Clifton and we did not intend to go through Days, however, we made a false mooring on private land near near Dorchester and were turfed off by a very friendly son of the landowner. We complied and went through Day’s lock and found the only remaining mooring right at the river Thame bridge.

The foot bridge over the Thame river as it enters the Thames

A Walk to Dorchester

We love Dorchester on Thames and on this occasion we took a different route. We were curious why one of village houses has a variety of classic cars parked outside.

A Trabant from Germany and a truly British Rolls Royce

A Walk to Little Wittenham and on to Wittenham Clumps

After a good breakfast and exercise we walked back along the river and over the bridge at Day’s lock to St Peter’s Church at Little Wittenham. We wandered amongst the variety of gravestones and admired the wild flowers and dappled light.

We wondered what I.H.S meant on some gravestones and looked this up out of curiosity.

St Peter's Church, Little Wittenham

So the answer to the question seems to be that the initials are formed from the Greek word for Jesus Christ, however, I advice using a Google search to get the answer, because there does seem to be more than one solution to this query. Have a read of this Wikipedia entry.