From our Osney Moorings to a view of the Carfax Conduit at Nuneham, takes us through Iffley and Sandford Locks. This is a favourite excursion because it gives us a chance to get back to Sandford in time for a lunch at the fine establishment of the King’s Arms.

With our good friend Adrian crewing we were able to navigate the stream without difficulty. This wasn’t the same for a Caversham Cruiser who had gone aground at the Rose Island bend. We took action and helped out by towing him off the sandbank!

Tucked in under the trees at the King's Arms at Sandford

When Henry Taunt photographed Sandford in 1890, the Inn was still signed as the brewery.

Henry Taunt. Sandford Brewery, c1890

Kings Arms, Sandford, 1890

Kings Arms,Sandford Mill from "Pleasant Spots around Oxford", Alfred Rimmer, 1878

We turned Perspectief round at a sighting of the Carfax Conduit (now a folly in Nuneham Park).

Carfax Conduit at Nuneham from Alden's Oxford guide (1890)

A view of Nunenham House from the Thames