Late April and we take the train to Wargrave for a trip upstream to Oxford. The mooring at Osney awaits! Our first lock was Shiplake. Here the crew is holding on while we wait for the lock to open.

Perspectief was put back in the water at the marina and we found the boat ready for departure. We carried with us some supplies.

Departure from Val Wyatt Marina

We needed further supplies so the Tesco shop in Reading was a convenient place to stop.

Reading has a riverside Tescos

Overnight in Goring

Goring bridge and waiting to Lock through.

Getting used to the speed and the steering.

4.3 knots at 19000 RPM. Depth 2.5 metres under the keel.

Stopping for lunch n Wallingford.

Wallingford for lunch and Waitrose for more supplies

Overnight near to Dorchester-on-Thames

Favourite place for a night’s mooring. Time it for a walk to the top of Wittenham Clumps.

Hood up for the night.

Between Sandford and Iffley we moor up on the opposite bank to Rose Island.

Rose Island

Rose Island was once the location for The Swan pub. This close in 1929.

Our mooring at Osney Marina

Osney Marina