The Media used

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The Text

  • The Hypertext
    In the book editions footnotes and commentary are printed on the left hand page. This text is also provided electronically and is then 'attached' as hypertext to the words within the play. Where the footnotes refer to paragraphs or sections, an icon is built into the text for interaction.
Text example

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Search dialog

  • Synchronisation with the Audio
    The words of the play appear one screen at a time in synchrony with the audio performance of the play. If the audio is paused the pages of text will not move forward until the user clicks the mouse over the page turning triangles.
Page turning

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The Audio

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  • Images are displayed in miniature throughout the supplementary text. When clicked upon, they enlarge to almost fill the 640x480 pixel space of the screen.

    Part of the screen showing the images in miniature.
Min Pictures

Act 5 scene 8

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  • Photos of Commentators
    For each of the audio archive contributors, we tried to find a photograph in the BBC Picture archives. Where this wasn't possible we used the BBC Microphone.
BBC Microphone 

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All video material was provided by the BBC. Mostly we viewed VHS copies of broadcasted tapes although I did make a trip to BBC Centre to view a black and white celluloid of a 60's performance. The tapes were provided time coded and we were then able to specify which sections should be digitized.


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