Prospero's Cell
The Tempest
William Shakespeare

Act 1 Scene 2
PROSPERO to Miranda
I have done nothing but in care of thee,
Of thee, my dear one, thee, my daughter, who
Art ignorant of what thou art, nought knowing
Of whence I am, nor that I am more better
Than Prospero, master of a full poor cell,
And thy no greater father.

Act 4 Scene 1
PROSPERO to Miranda and Ferdinand
Sir, I am vex'd;
Bear with my weakness; my, brain is troubled:
Be not disturb'd with my infirmity:
If you be pleased, retire into my cell
And there repose
: a turn or two I'll walk,
To still my beating mind.
Act 4 Scene 1
CALIBAN to Trinculo
Prithee, my king, be quiet.
Seest thou here,
This is the mouth o' the cell: no noise, and enter.
Do that good mischief which may make this island
Thine own for ever, and I, thy Caliban,
For aye thy foot-licker.

Act 5 Scene 1
PROSPERO to Alonso
Welcome, sir;
This cell's my court: here have I few attendants
And subjects none abroad: pray you, look in.