These Islomania electronic books are provided as 'PDF' files (Portable Document Format). They are protected so they cannot be modified but they can be printed. The PDFs can be read using the freely avalable Acrobat Reader software from Adobe. We recommend that you use the latest version by downloading from the Adobe web site. Once you have installed the Acrobat Reader software on your computer, you should find that the web browser will be automatically configured to use the 'PDF plug-in' and display the eBook. The links are arranged to open a separate window.

To read these eBooks 'off line', we suggest that you download the ebooks to anywhere on your computer by clicking on the save icon - at the top left of the eBook window.

The 'portrait' format eBooks can also be viewed with the Adobe eBook Reader by loading the file into the library once they have been dowloaded to your computer.