Bermuda first appeared on a chart in 1511 and it is thought that it was discovered Juan de Bermudez in a ship called La Garza.

The first settlers on the island were as a result of shipwreck. No permanent settlemnet was made from the Portugese, French and Spanish shipwrecks.

In 1609, the 'Sea Venture', a ship bound for the British settlement at Virginia on mainland America was wrecked on Bermuda shores. The survivors stayed on the island for nine months and built themselves two ships, in which, they then sailed on to Virginia. One of the company who arrived at Virginia after this delay was John Rolfe. He married Pocahontas and took her back to England.

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  An account of the wreck of the 'Sea Venture' was written by William Strachey and this account may have been seen by William Shakespeare and influenced his writing of 'The Tempest'.
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