Picture of Cosmos


First sketch at Oxford 14 April 1965
Construction began Atelier JAF, 164 Rue Vercongatoox, Paris 15 on 3 May 1965
Painting begun at JAF on 26 May 1965
Mural completed, Paris 1 July 1965, dissasembled and shipped to Oxford
Mural installed Oxford week of 31 August - 6 September 1965


Principal assistant - Ninos Calos, Paris
Mechanical construction - Atelier JAF, Paris. Director. Monsieur D.Accursi
Advisor on Perspex - T.A. Downing, ICI, Welwyn Garden City


Dimensions: 9 feet 6 inches high x 8 feet wide
Number of rotors: 29
Number of electric motors: 12 synchronous, 1 RPM
Number of flourescent tubes: 55
Number of incadescant lamps: 65

Four component Lumidyne system. LIGHTS, ROTORS, STATOR and DIFFUSOR


Photos of the piece:

Work in Progress:


FJM 15 May 1965
Frank J. Malina Paris 15 May 1965

Wiring Up
Wiring up

Painting the panel
Painting the panel

Adding the Front panel
Adding the Front panel

This shows the inside of the kinetic painting with the front panel hinged away to the left.....

Inside of the kinetic painting

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